Brass Instrument Repair Services

All brass instruments can be serviced, including trumpets, cornets, euphoniums, trombones, and tubas.

Clean and Flush includes

  • The instrument is completely disassembled and cleaned in a mild biodegradable, environmentally-friendly chemical solution that will not harm the instrument and will not leave any toxic residues.
  • A power-driven flush system is used to polish the interior with a cleaning solution slurry to remove calcium and other deposits.
  • Any tarnish on silver-plated instruments is chemically removed
  • The instrument is reassembled with all new top-, and bottom-valve felts and corks, in addition to water key corks
  • The valve alignment is checked for optimal playing
  • The valves are oiled, and all slides are greased

Instrument Clean & Flush

  • Trumpet / Cornet
  • Trombone slide
  • Single or Double valve
  • French Horn (single)
  • French Horn (double)
  • Baritone (3 or 4 piston)
  • Tuba or Sousaphone

Other Brass Repair Services

  • Dent work
  • Removing stuck tuning slides (brass instruments)
  • Solder broken braces or posts

Saxophone Repair

Get your saxophone tuned up or repaired; we handle everything from regular wear and tear to repairing damage to the instrument. We ensure you get your instrument back, and it will feel brand new.

What Do We Do

  • 1 Do you have to squeeze the keys of your saxophone tighter or blow harder? It means your instrument needs a trip to the repair shop. We fix leaks from improperly seated pads or missing and compressed key corks.
  • 2 You could also face issues with bent posts and keys or damaged hinge tubes that cause the keys to bind. In this case, our technicians replace the worn pads to stop leakage. The keys are realigned and refitted for free movement. We might also level its tone holes for an airtight seal.
  • 3 The neck cork compresses and becomes loose over time, making it difficult to play in tune. We will replace and refit for optimum mouthpiece placement.
5 digit Selmer Mark VI which dates to 1956
5 digit Selmer Mark VI which dates to 1956
Selmer Mark VI soprano sax
Selmer Mark VI soprano sax

Bent & Damaged Bodies

Is your saxophone dented? Our technicians have the experience to deliver your saxophone playing like a new instrument. We use special mandrels and graduated dent balls to return them to their original shape.

Contact us today to repair and maintain your saxophone.

Woodwind Repair Services

We use high-quality material directly from manufacturers to repair all kinds of woodwind instruments, including:

  • Flute
  • Piccolo
  • Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Customizing keys
  • Saxophone
  • Oboe &
  • Bassoon
  • Clarinet tenon replacement


  • Tighten loose clarinet rings
  • Fabrication of keys
  • Fill cracks (wooden instruments)
  • Replace springs (woodwind instruments)

As a NAPBRIT member, we stay informed about the latest developments like synthetic corks and pads. We are equipped with different materials from Gortex to Valentino pads and various synthetic cork products.

Types of Repair

We offer a wide range of woodwind instrument repairs and what each one offers. Continue reading.

Play Condition

  • The entire instrument is checked, necessary repairs and adjustments are made
  • Pads are reseated or replaced if needed, keys adjusted and regulated
  • The key heights are also adjusted for maximum projections
  • We oil the keys, and then the instrument is play tested
  • You will get a 90-day warranty for this repair


  • 1 Dissemble instrument to clean body and keys in a mild chemical solution
  • 2 The keys are straightened & refit. This will ensure proper seating & pads alignment
  • 3 We level and resurface tone holes as needed
  • 4 Minor dent work is also available
  • 5 The corks, felts, & pads are replaced with quality materials
  • 6 Pads are seated, replaced & leveled
  • 7 Keys are oiled, adjusted, and regulated
  • 8 Play tested for best tonal resonance
  • 9 Six-month warranty for any further adjustments

Repairing Professional Vs. Student Instruments

  • Unlike student instruments, professional instruments come with critical manufacturing standards, refined mechanisms, and demanding player requirements
  • We level and reface the tone holes to a higher tolerance for professional instruments compared to student instrument re-pad. This is done as professional players handle their instruments carefully
  • The keys are swedged to remove any lateral looseness, and the hinge rods are polished. In contrast, key fitting for student instruments is less precise, as they need a little give for the bumps they receive
  • We do professional clarinet re-pads, including the option of installing cork pads in the upper joint. Gortex, Valentino, or Buffet style pads in the lower joint are also an option. For student re-pad, the keys and post are aligned and straightened
  • Specific organic oil treatment to prevent the wood from cracking for professional grenadilla instruments. Hinge Rods are cleaned for a student-level re-pad but not polished
Professional and Student Instrument Repair Table

The Differences

The following table summarizes the differences between professional and student instrument repair.