Woodwind Repair

All woodwind instruments can be serviced including flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon. I use the highest quality materials available. When possible, I use parts obtained directly from the manufacturers. As a NAPBRIT member I stay informed on the latest developments in materials such as synthetic cork and pads. I have a wide variety of materials available for each situation such as Gortex and Valentino pads, and various synthetic cork products.

Play Condition

This is the most common woodwind repair, as many times, there is one or more specific issue that needs attention, but a complete repad is not required. The entire instrument is checked over, and the necessary repairs and adjustments are made to ensure that the instrument is in optimal playing condition. Any pads that are not sealing are reseated and replaced if needed. The keys are adjusted and regulated to ensure proper feel. Key heights are also adjusted for maximum projection. Keys are oiled, and the instrument is thoroughly play tested. There is a 90 day warranty on this service.


Instrument is completely disassembled and the body and keys are cleaned in a mild chemical solution. Keys are straightened and refit for optimal action that will ensure proper seating and alignment of the pads. Tone holes are leveled and resurfaced as needed. Minor dent work is also included. All corks, felts, and pads are replaced with the highest-quality materials. All pads are replaced, leveled, and seated. Keys are adjusted, regulated, and oiled. Instrument is then play tested to insure the best feel and tonal resonance. A six-month warranty is included for any further needed adjustments.

Professional versus student repad

Compared to student instruments, professional instruments have more critical manufacturing standards, more refined mechanisms, and more demanding player requirements. Repairs to professional instruments include leveling and refacing the tone holes to higher tolerances than a student repad. Professional players in general handle their instruments more carefully. Therefore, the tolerances for key fitting can be tighter. The keys are swedged to remove any lateral looseness. Additionally, the hinge rods are polished in addition to being cleaned for even faster action and a lighter touch. Professional clarinet repads include the option of having cork pads installed in the upper joint as well as the choice of Gortex, Valentino, or Buffet style pads in the lower joint. Professional grenadilla instruments receive a special organic oil treatment to the wood to prevent cracking.

On the other hand, key fitting for student instruments is less precise than key fitting for professional repads because student instruments need a little “give” for the bumps they may receive. Therefore, the keys and posts are only straightened and aligned in a student repad. The hinge rods are cleaned for a student level repad, but not polished. The following table summarizes the differences between professional and student instrument repair.

Cork pad options for upper joint Straighten bent keys and posts Precision key fitting Clean hinge rods Polish hinge rods Organic oil treatment for bore and body
Student clarinet X X
Student flute X X
Professional flute X X X X
Professional Saxophone X X X X
Student Oboe X X
Professional Oboe X X X X X

Instrument Type Repad
Flute Plateau / Closed Hole $285
Flute Intermediate Open Hole $350
Flute Professional $600 and up
Piccolo Silver or Plastic $275
Piccolo Wood $300
Clarinet Plastic $235
Clarinet Wood $315
Oboe Plastic Student Line $340
Oboe Wood Full Conservatory $540 and up
Saxophone Alto – student $450
Alto – professional $800
Saxophone Tenor – student $480
Tenor – professional $825
Saxophone Baritone – student $575
Baritone – professional $950
Saxophone Soprano – student $515
Soprano – professional $845
Bassoon Plastic $515
Bassoon Wood $620 and up
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