Saxophone Repair

Does your saxophone need a tune-up or repair? Whether it is damaged from regular wear and tear or if your saxophone takes a tumble, we can fix your instrument so it plays like new.

Over time, some notes may stop playing correctly because leaks develop either from improperly seated pads or missing and compressed keycorks. The saxophonist may have to squeeze the keys tighter or blow harder, but this hurts the player’s technique. Other times, bent posts and keys, or damaged hinge tubes can cause keys to bind, inhibiting the saxophone from playing correctly. To fix these problems, our technicians can replace worn pads to stop leakage, and realign and refit the keys to help them move freely. In more extreme situations, its tone holes may need to be leveled to ensure an airtight seal with new pads. Often, over time, the neck cork compresses and becomes too loose, making it difficult to play in tune. The neck cork is replaced and refitted for optimum mouthpiece placement.

5 digit Selmer Mark VI which dates to 1956

If your saxophone becomes dented, our technicians use special mandrels and graduated dent balls to return your saxophone to its original shape. Major body damage may require our technicians to completely disassemble your instrument to the bend the body back into shape, but your saxophone will sound the same before the damage.

Our technicians will have your saxophone playing like new, no matter what shape we received the instrument in. Contact us today to repair and maintain your saxophone.

Selmer Mark VI soprano sax


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