Brass Repair

All brass instruments can be serviced, including trumpets, cornets, euphoniums, trombones, and tubas. Clean and Flush includes:

  • The instrument is completely disassembled and cleaned in a mild bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly chemical solution that will not harm the instrument and will not leave any toxic residues.
  • A power-driven flush system is used to polish the interior with a cleaning solution slurry to remove calcium and other deposits.
  • Any tarnish on silver-plated instruments is chemically removed.
  • The instrument is reassembled with all new top- and bottom-valve felts and corks in addition to water key corks.
  • The valve alignment is checked for optimal playing.
  • The valves are oiled and all slides are greased.

Instrument Clean and Flush

  • Trumpet / Cornet $75 ($100 for Silver)
  • Trombone (slide) $75
  • Single valve $90
  • Double vlave $105
  • French Horn (single) $80
  • French Horn (double) $90
  • Baritone (3 piston) $85
  • Baritone (4 piston) $95
  • Tuba or Sousaphone $90
  • Tuba (4 valve) $115

Other brass repair services include:

  • Dent work
  • Removing stuck tuning slides (brass instruments)
  • Solder broken braces or posts
  • Clarinet tenon replacement
  • Customizing keys
  • Fabrication of keys
  • Fill cracks (wooden instruments)
  • Replace springs (woodwind instruments)
  • Tighten loose clarinet rings
  • Replace case handle/latch/hinge
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